200,000-Year-Old Stone Tools Discovered in Saudi Arabia

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Stone tools described as being used by the inhabitants of the Assyrian civilization in the Middle Paleolithic period have been discovered in Saudi Arabia. Stone tools reaffirmed the scale of civilization in the Arabian Peninsula.

A new development took place the other day that will shed light on tens of thousands of years ago. In saudi arabia Assyrian civilization inhabitants used by To the Paleolithic period stone tools were discovered. Scientists believe that discovered stone tools Up to 200,000 years ago announced that it is based on.

Shuaib Al-Adgham The stone tools disclosed in the region were stone axes used in the Middle Paleolithic period. With the new discovery made in the region, the increasing number of stone tools revealed the density of prehistoric communities living in this region. The main reason for the high number of people in this region is was the availability of natural resources.

Stone tools discovered:

Investigations on the satellite images, Shuaib Al-Adgham and other regions by river crossings showed that they are connected. In ancient times, people used rivers to reach the interior of the Arabian Peninsula. The spatial distribution of the Assyrian regions indicated that these regions had the largest population densities worldwide.

In addition, the new discovery proved that human groups in the Arabian Peninsula can travel very large geographical distances. Numerous regions centered around ancient valleys and rivers, these groups are slowly spreading and when they need it discover new areas showed.

stone tool


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In a statement made by officials in Saudi Arabia, it was stated that a huge amount of new environmental and cultural information was collected. Authorities, results in the environment many important changes from drought to humidity He added that he also pointed. Information obtained to date, “Green Arabian Peninsulasupports the claims that “existed in the past.”

There were rivers and lakes throughout the Arabian peninsula that led to the spread and expansion of human groups. This is the Arabian Peninsula between Africa and Asia in prehistoric times an important crossroads and that it is one of the Stone Age settlements.

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