5000-year-old Crystal Dagger Found in Spain

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Researchers excavating in Spain between 2007 and 2010 discovered a rock crystal dagger. It was stated that a great skill was required to obtain this dagger made of crystal.

There are various ancient tools belonging to ancient civilizations in archaeological excavations carried out in many parts of the world. A similar discovery was made in Spain, but this discovery is slightly different from the others. Not of stone or flintstone in this excavation a tool made of crystal found.

A dagger made of rock crystal was found during excavations from 2007 to 2010. This dagger was discovered in prehistoric Iberia, experts say. the most technically sophisticated tool He also stated that a great skill is required to carve this dagger.

Dagger made of rock crystal discovered

This dagger, about 5,000 years old, 21.5 inches long, was found with 10 arrowheads, four blades, and a core used to make weapons, also all made of rock crystal. Where these weapons are quite far from the crystal minehighlighted the notion that it belonged to an elite who paid large sums of money to extract and process these materials.

Researchers say that rock crystal may have a symbolic significance in these periods; He states that in such communities it can be used for vitality, magical powers, and communication with ancestors. In an article published in the journal Quaternary International, these findings were that only elite people can have It is also stated that it may represent tools used in funerals.

sarcophagus with crystal dagger

(The structure with the crystal dagger)

Researchers uncovered rock crystals in eight different sectors of a 43.5 meter long structure. In this 43.5-meter building, there is also a 39-meter-long corridor leading to the main room. Reached at the end of this corridor the diameter of the chamber is more than 4.5 meters.


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Scientists believe that due to the size of this dagger, located on the south side of the inner chamber, it was made from a single crystal at least 2.4 meters long and 0.6 meters thick. In addition, in the sarcophagus where the discoveries were made The remains of 25 people thought to have died from poisoning was found.

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