A 150-Million-Year-Old Shark Skeleton Has Been Discovered

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Scientists have discovered a well-preserved 150-million-year-old fossil shark in Germany. This shark is said to be a giant among Jurassic-era sharks.

Scientists in the German state of Bavaria 150 million years discovered a shark fossil. The fossil of this shark discovered by scientists was almost complete. Fossils of the first archeopteryx and various other sharks were found in this area before.

In the study published in the journal Papers in Palaeontology, this shark fossil was identified as Asteracanthus. Of this species, 361 million years ago 66 million years ago It is known to live around the world in range.

Shedding light on the world’s past

(Asteracanthus tooth structure)

According to a statement from the University of Vienna, an extinct species hybodontiform It was stated that the skeleton of the shark Asteracanthus was found almost completely preserved. Also your height 2.5 meters It was also stated that it meant that it was a giant among Jurassic sharks.

Asteracanthus, a species of hybodontiformes, is known to be a close relative of modern sharks and catfish. It is important to find a shark fossil in an almost completely preserved state. Although sharks’ teeth are made of cartilage, they can be found all over the world. to the fossilized shark skeleton It is quite rare.

Asteracanthus fossil

In a statement made by the university, it was stated that the Asteracanthus fossil had more than 150 females. It was stated that all of these more than 150 teeth have pointed points and they are accompanied by small points on both sides. Asteracanthus from this special tooth structure capable of hunting many animals It is also stated that it means that he is an active hunter.


It turns out that megalodon sharks can reach up to 16 meters tall

Asteracanthus, which was first discovered about 180 years ago, is one of the most cartilaginous fish of its time, the researchers also said. one of the most impressive It is also stated that there is one.

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