A New Biodegradable Screen Has Been Developed

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German scientists have developed a biological screen that consists entirely of biological materials and transforms after use into a compostable component instead of electronic waste.

Electronic waste, due to the toxic substances contained in its components one of the most environmentally damaging wastes is seen as someone. This problem seems unlikely to be solved anytime soon as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, but scientists use biological materials on electronics. studies to minimize the release of these toxic substances continues to execute.

Scientists from Germany Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), proven bio-recyclable they were the first to succeed in producing screens. These screens, produced by scientists, are not scrapped as waste after use, to compostable biological components transforms.

It is both environmentally friendly and has lower power consumption

The functioning of the biological screen, called organic material to electrochromic material based on. When voltage is applied on electrochromic, light absorption and the color of the screen change starting. Electrochromic displays, compared to the LED and LCD displays we see in abundance on the market today lower power consumption and a simpler architecture owner.

Images transferred to biological screen, inkjet system and anything used on the screen, from biological and nature compatible materials occurs. Thanks to the gelatin on it, leaking ink such a problem is eliminated.


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Manuel Pietsch, one of the lead authors of the study, said the following about the biological screen; “We have shown the world for the first time that it is possible to produce a compostable screen with biological components. The biological screen can help to minimize or completely prevent the environmental impact of electronic scraps.”

Life cycle of biological screens is somewhat short compared to other screens

biological screen

Scientists, biological screen has a short life cycle so too only in restricted sectors says it can be used. Medicine and packaging are also at the top of these sectors. This screen, which can be mounted directly on the hand, in an easy and environmentally friendly way in medical diagnosis can be used. The screens that can be used once are also a device that can be used for the quality control of products in the packaging industry.

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