A New Way To Produce Synthetic Vehicle Fuel Is Found

by copytalkie

A group of scientists continuing their research in China has developed a new method that allows water and carbon dioxide to be processed with renewable energy and used as synthetic fuel. Although this method is not 100% green, it could be a relatively better alternative for fossil fuels in the future.

Nowadays, when the effects of the climate crisis are beginning to manifest themselves, the scientific world has mostly turned its direction towards this issue. For the planet’s future There are hundreds of studies seeking solutions to all problems, and each one has trying to produce solutions.

One of the biggest causes of the climate crisis, especially due to its carbon dioxide emission. the use of fossil fuels. The widespread use of electric cars in recent years is seen as a solution to this issue, but although the use of electric cars has increased in America and Europe, the climate crisis is a global problem and is still a problem in many countries. millions of vehicles it uses fossil fuels.

Many countries such as China, France, England in the past years fossil fuel vehicle They announced plans to eliminate its production and use completely, but as you can imagine, these plans have a very long runtime. France, for example, for this major change The year 2040 he had pointed.

Producing synthetic fuels with renewable energy sources is one of the most important steps to be taken in fossil fuel and carbon emissions:

Carbon dioxide emission

Actually synthetic fuels The issue of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by producing is a subject that has been studied for many years and there are many methods open to improvement. This new method, developed by a group of Chinese scientists, is promising at this point.

This new method is basically carbon dioxide and water to be processed with energy produced by taking advantage of the temperature difference between day and night and its conversion to methanol based on. Scientists say that methanol can be easily used as a synthetic fuel by processing. Synthetic fuel produced from methanol is compared to fossil fuels emerges as a much more environmentally friendly fuel option.


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Of course, this methanol synthesized with renewable energy sources is still perfect for our planet and not a completely ‘harmless’ fuel However, it will be a good alternative to help the fossil fuels go out of use.

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