Applied to Turkey Coronavirus Vaccine About 10 Details

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As a result of agreements with the Chinese-based pharmaceutical company Sinovac, the COVID-19 vaccine CoronaVac came to our country. With about 50 million doses of vaccine will be implemented in Turkey as in many people’s mind about the future coronavirus vaccine has question marks.

For months, the eyes of the whole world have been on the vaccine that will save us from the COVID – 19 pandemic. In Turkey, as it explained in the efficiency ratio lower than in Brazil and Indonesia coronavac vaccine produced by Sinovac Chinese were preferred. The process started with the vaccination of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca and members of the Scientific Committee.

Well Chinese Sinovac’s corona vaccine CoronaVac’s effectiveness rates Why different? How to apply the vaccine in Turkey? How much does it cost and most importantly why was this vaccine chosen? We searched for answers to important questions on the subject.

10 details about the CoronaVac coronavirus vaccine:

  • Why do activity rates differ in each country?
  • First to be applied to healthcare professionals
  • The reason other vaccines are paid is the difference in cost
  • The cost of each vaccination is $ 30
  • Antibody production begins 14 days after vaccination
  • CoronaVac preferred because it is inactive
  • No major side effects of the vaccine
  • Social immunity is aimed
  • The vaccine will be administered by appointment system in Turkey

Why do activity rates differ in each country?

  • Brazil: 50.4%
  • Indonesia: 65.3%
  • Turkey: 91.25%

The reason why efficacy rates differ from country to country is the change in the number of people in the subject groups who recovered from severe or mild illness. Making statements on the subject, the Bhutantan Institute attributes the low efficacy rate in Brazil to the high number of mild survivors among the subjects. In fact, a significant portion of the infected people do not even show symptoms, and they do not need any intervention to overcome them. This affects their reaction to the vaccine.

Virologist According to the statements of Semih Taaren 1322 coronavac volunteered for the vaccine in Turkey, while in Brazil is lower than the 9252 event were selected volunteers. However, among the subjects divided into four groups in Brazil have very mild symptomsmade up the majority in the sample pool. Because the vaccine showed low efficacy in them, the overall average rate of efficacy was also low. The vaccine manufacturer Sinovac, on the other hand, examines the data from all countries and states that the results are satisfactory.

CoronaVac will be applied first to healthcare workers at the forefront of the fight:

vaccine, health worker

The first phase of the vaccination process, which started on January 13, 2021 with the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca and the members of the Scientific Committee, will continue through the healthcare professionals with the highest risk. Following the application to healthcare professionals, the vaccine will be applied to other citizens in the risk group. The elderly and those with chronic diseases,

Other vaccines are charged because of the difference in cost:


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca’s; The biggest reason why the Chinese CoronaVac coronavirus vaccine will be free, others will be sold with money is the difference in cost. Because Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna vaccines must be stored at -70 degrees and the cost for this is between 10 and 15 thousand dollars, special cooling cabinets needs to be taken.

The cost of each vaccination is $ 30:


Cost of each dose of CoronaVac coronavirus vaccine manufactured in China by Sinovac Biotech 200 yuan, about 30 dollars. However, different countries can be sold at different prices. For example, Indonesia announced that it would cost $ 13.60 per dose.

Antibody production begins 14 days after vaccination:

sinovac vaccine

CoronaVac does not affect the moment the coronavirus vaccine is administered. By the body after vaccination It takes 14 days for the first antibodies to form. This period is considered quite fast, and therefore the World Health Organization states that the CoronaVac coronavirus vaccine is urgently applicable.

CoronaVac was preferred because it is an inactive vaccine:


The reason why the CoronaVac coronavirus vaccine, which was produced by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech, was preferred for the first time in our country, is because it is inactive, that is, it is more than other vaccines. easy to carry and store to be. Vaccines produced by Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna companies must be stored at -70 degrees. With such a degree of storage, it is both difficult and costly to store and transport vaccines.

No major side effects of the vaccine were observed:

vaccine, side effect

What side effects the CoronaVac coronavirus vaccine has is one of the most curious issues about the vaccine. In human trials It was found that there was no fatal side effect. According to the interim report dated November 6, 2020, of the vaccinated people, 7.5% had fatigue, 3.5% had headache, 3% had muscle pain, 3% had fever, and 2.5% had the injection site. Minor side effects such as pain were detected.

Social immunity is aimed at:

social immunity

It is aimed to create social immunity as a result of vaccination application and for this, first of all 60% of the country needs to be vaccinated. Vaccination of 60% of the society means achieving the targeted social immunity and stopping the spread of the epidemic. In the next process, it is aimed to vaccinate the whole society and eliminate the virus completely.

The vaccine will be implemented with the appointment system in Turkey:

Coronavirus Vaccine

CoronaVac coronavirus vaccine, produced by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech, will arrive in our country with 50 million doses and the vaccine application will be completely free. CoronaVac coronavirus vaccine will be administered to everyone free of charge, regardless of any social insurance or income status. However, the vaccines coming to our country will be offered to citizens for a fee.


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