Cancer Detector Developed From Mosquito Sense of Smell

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Scientists developed a cancer detector by taking advantage of mosquitoes’ sense of smell in a study conducted in Japan. It is estimated that this detector, which is expected to be produced at low cost, will be available within 10 years.

As technology and science continue to advance at full speed, reflections of this can be seen in many areas. Health is one of the areas benefiting from these developments in technology and science and cancer is among the diseases that are especially focused on.

One of the studies on cancer in Japan cancer detector has been developed. Moreover, this detector utilized the sense of smell of mosquitoes, which have about 100 types of scent sensors in their antennas. Each of these scent sensors in the mosquito antennae can detect the odor-emitting substance. So how was this detector that detects cancer by smell was developed and how does it work?

Cancer detector developed from mosquito’s sense of smell

According to the news in Anadolu Agency, Prof. Takeuçi Shoji and his team conducted studies on olfactory receptors that can detect a chemical called octenol found in mosquitoes’ human sweat. Then liver cancer He succeeded in producing an artificial cell membrane by placing the olfactory sensor that can detect octenol, which is considered one of its indicators.

The team also developed a sensor for use between an artificial cell membrane. This sensor allows to detect the electric current that occurs when ions pass between the artificial membrane. This device, whose prototype was also developed, half a billion It was able to detect octenol from breath samples in a very short time.


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The detector in question is planned to be produced at low costs in order to detect the substance that emits odor in the breath of cancer patients. Also your detector Available within 10 years also expected.

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