Countries Publishing the Most Science and Engineering Research

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The US National Science Foundation announced the countries that published the most science and engineering research between 2008 and 2018. According to the list, China ranks first with 528,263 surveys.

The most important points for taking the world one step further scientific research. Thanks to these scientific researches, we can know ourselves and our universe better, protect our health for long periods and value added we can obtain products. This is the reason behind the fact that countries with the most scientific research in the world are economically very powerful.

Doing a long-term research on this subject US National Science Foundation (NSF) Between 2008 and 2018 which country how much publishing science and engineering research published a data showing. According to this published data, in this 10-year period 2,555,959 in the world science and engineering research published. Considering that there are 1,755,850 articles published between 1998 and 2008, we can see that the number of articles published in this new 10-year period has increased.

Most research was published in China

It is seen that China is the most successful country in this science and engineering research, which appeals to the interests of countries, especially the world. The USA, which led the list in 2008, is in second place after China when we look at the list today. According to the report, China published a total of 528,263 science and engineering articles over a 10-year period. The USA, on the other hand, became the second country in the world to conduct research in the field of science and engineering with 422,808 articles. These two countries were followed by India, Germany and Japan, respectively. While many scientific articles were published in Europe, it was observed that all European Union countries host about 622,000 science and engineering research in total.


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Unfortunately, our country could not find a place in the list. Hopefully we could find in the report will be published in 2028 by Turkey.

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