How To Destroy Your Nail-Eating Habit?

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Nail biting habit is a habit that harms a person’s finger, nail, even jaw and teeth in addition to a bad appearance. Especially in pandemic conditions where our hands may be carriers of coronavirus, we have answered the question of how to quit the habit of nail biting in detail for you.

Nail biting his habit is seen as one of the most common habits almost all over the world. So much so that we can come across characters who bit their nails out of fear even in cartoons. Looks pretty innocent your nail biting habit In fact, it is now known by everyone that it causes much greater damage than bad looking nails.

Well, How to quit nail biting habit? Different psychological or biological reasons underlie the formation of all kinds of habits. Published by the American Academy of Dermatology Association nail biting Before trying the methods of quitting the habit, you should learn the reason of your habit by yourself if you can, or with the help of an expert if you cannot, and follow a method accordingly.

How do I stop eating nails?

  • Cut your nails short,
  • Use nail polishes that will taste bitter.
  • Regularly care for your nails,
  • Find a habit similar to the nail-biting habit, but harmless,
  • Find the triggers of your habit,
  • Leave it slowly, not all at once.

Cut your nails short:

nail cutting

If we think with a simple logic, if there is no nail, it cannot be eaten. In some cases of people with nail biting habits consciously They are known to not cut their nails and leave them attractively long. The first step to quitting the habit is to cut the nails without leaving an extension to beat.

Use nail polishes that will taste bitter:

nail biting

Even the classic nail polishes can sometimes be an “aroma” for this habit. However, against nail biting habit, Special nail polishes you can find in pharmacies there is. These nail polishes are colorless and have a rather messy taste. The moment the habitual bitten nails will either cool the person off the nails or reduce the pleasure they get.

Regularly care for your nails:


Not only do regular grooming, go to a beauty salon for a manicure Pay a large sum of money afford. Since many habit owners do not want to take care of their nails that already look bad, they continue their nail-biting habit, and this situation even further stresses the habit.

To care for your nails regularly; Your nails will look very nice with operations such as cutting, filing, applying nail polish and taking care. you will not break to eat. Especially if you pay regular money for manicure, your nail-biting habit will gradually decrease.

Find a habit similar to the nail-biting but harmless habit:

stress ball

As with all bad habits, instead of quitting nail biting a better habit you should find. When you feel the urge to nail biting, play with the stress ball, exercise, find a toy to keep your hands busy. The important thing is to keep your hands off your mouth.

Find the triggers of your habit:

nail biting kid

Every habit has a basic trigger. Generally speaking, a crooked nail or a nail-biting habit hangnail physical situations such as triggers. Psychological triggers such as stress and anxiety can also be encountered frequently. The important thing is to find the trigger and move away from this situation.

Let go gradually, not all at once:

nail biting

Even if it varies from person to person, you can achieve a successful result by gradually quitting the habit of nail biting, not suddenly. For example, first Decide to leave the thumb alone. Take turns freeing some fingers later on. When you finally give up your hand completely, you will already have reduced the intensity of the habit.

Causes of nail biting:

nail biting

Nail biting habit generally begins in childhood, continues during adolescence, and when the person is an adult to an indispensable addiction transforms. People can eat nails involuntarily as a standard habit, and they apply this habit more, especially when stress and anxiety levels increase.

As the reasons for nail biting; genetic behavioral disorders, learned behavior, intense anxiety and stress, finger sucking habit in infancy and many other psychological disturbances. It is known that such a habit has been developed because the chewing effect reduces the anxiety and stress levels in the person.

Nail biting and coronavirus relationship:


Since our hands are our limbs in direct contact with the outside world, they are always a little dirty. So even in normal times washing our hands frequently It is recommended. However, under the pandemic conditions we are in, we are highly likely to get the deadly virus from our hands.

In case of a possible airborne virus infection, while walking around with a mask, it is not known where it touches, and nail bites by taking our hands to our mouth, it means the same as licking a surface with coronavirus. Experts warn that we wash our hands frequently.

Nail biting damages:

nail biting injuries

In addition to the direct entry of germs and viruses into your body, nail biting habit has many other damages. The most common of these; sometimes on fingers, nails and cuticles They are irreversible tissue damage.

It may cause mouth sores, dental problems, abscesses, different infections and jaw joint disorders as well as in the future. nail falling out, If the nail is bitten, it can cause stomach problems and especially in children, malocclusion that prevents the normal closing of the jaw.

Nail biting habit has psychological as well as biological damages. Because it is an unpleasant habit in society, self-confidence level may drop and when he is not biting nails his anxiety level can be much higher. Asocial tendencies may occur in the person as he is ashamed of the bad appearance of the nails.

Especially in the epidemic conditions we are in, you must leave nail biting habit We explained the methods explained by the American Academy of Dermatology Association, which you can apply to combat the disease. If you have difficulty struggling alone, you should definitely seek help from an expert.

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