Midday Sleep Strengthens Memory and Verbal Fluency

by copytalkie

A new study conducted in China has revealed the effects of midday sleep on the mind. Accordingly, going to a correct afternoon nap helps memory and verbal fluency strengthen.

Scientists from the Shanghai Mental Health Center, afternoon nap In order to find out what effect it exerts on the mind, we traveled from Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an cities in China. 2 thousand 200 participants conducted an experiment with.

Within the scope of the experiment, 1,520 participants slept less than 2 hours at noon, while 680 participants remained awake as usual. In the next step of the research, visual-spatial skillsshort-term memory, attention span, problem solutionTests measuring mental competence such as spatial awareness and verbal fluency were applied.

The leader of the team that carried out the research, Dr. Lin Sun said in a statement about the results they obtained, in the memory and verbal fluency skills of the participants who went to lunch. noticeable difference He stated that he put forward.

Commenting on the study, Neurologist Dr Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. Gayatri Devi, on the other hand, stated that a healthy sleeping habit reduces the risk of dementia in the long term. more research needs to be done expressed. According to the researchers, the length and frequency of midday sleep also matter in terms of mental effects.

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