MND Can Be Treated With Some Available Medications

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Motor neuron disease for which there is no cure can be treated with the use of some existing drugs on the market, according to a new study. While the research focuses on ALS disease, it also holds hope for other types of motor neuron disease.

Motor neuron disease (MND)It occurs as a result of damage to nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. As long as motor neurons cannot send impulses to the muscles, the muscles become weak. MND often makes it difficult to move the arms and legs first, then the whole body, and to speak, swallow, and breathe.

Today, an important development was shared about this disease, which has no cure. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh Euan MacDonald Center have published the results of their study. Researchers have recently reported that nerve damage caused by MND. using available drugs concluded that it could be returned.

MND can be treated with the use of available medications:

Researchers at Edinburgh University created motor neuron cells using stem cells in a laboratory setting. The researchers who studied these cells found that the axon, the long part of the motor neuron cell that connects to the muscles. is shorter than healthy cells he saw.

The key to the research was realizing this. Mitochondria, along these axons does not move as it should and motor neurons offered low energy. With this seen, the researchers increased mitochondria and axons return to normal size provided.

motor neuron disease


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Researchers at the University of Edingburg, in their statement, explain how the data they obtained link axons and muscles with the restoration of the cell’s energy source. that you can protect from deterioration stated that it showed. Researchers now Current medications that can increase the function of mitochondria they seek

Research shows that the most common form of motor neuron disease. Although focuses on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Researchers believe that the findings will apply to other forms of the disease. that they are hopeful told. With the results obtained, it is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and discovered to reverse axon damage ‘rpoiniroleThe drug named ‘was among the prominent drugs.

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