New Coronavirus Diagnosis System From Turkish Scientists

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Scientists at the National Nanotechnology Research Center have developed a new diagnostic system that can detect the coronavirus in just 10 seconds. The system, first after the receipt of the patent Turkey, then it will be available around the world.

According to the information shared by AA, Turkish scientists have developed a nanotechnology-based diagnostic system that can replace existing PCR tests and diagnose COVID-19 with 99 percent reliability in just 10 seconds without a swab. Statements on the subject were made personally by Bilkent University Rector Prof. Dr. He came from Abdullah Atalar.

“The coronavirus is a 150 nanometer particle.” said Prof. Dr. Ancestors, “Our UNAM researchers have been dealing with nanoscale particles for years. Therefore, this subject is within the scope of our professors who are dealing with nanotechnology. He talked about the first diagnostic system in the world as follows:

“Turkey belongs unique in the whole world will benefit from this technology”

The project has been completed and a method has been developed that can replace PCR and can provide very fast results in seconds. If it is positive, it gives immediate results, if it is negative, it takes a little longer with controls.

Even if the PCR of those we found positive with this method during the controls was negative, we saw that their PCRs turned positive after a few days. This device is completely made in Turkey. Turkey will benefit from all over the world without his wife of this technology. Of course, we owe this to our professors and the research environment at Bilkent UNAM.

“It is very important to find someone positive and put them in quarantine.”

Stating that it is as important to detect the coronavirus as quickly as treating it, Prof. Dr. Ancestors, “The kits are also very cheap, tests can be done in series with the device. Finding that a person is positive very quickly and putting them in quarantine is very important to contain the epidemic. The technology also has features that can be used in coronavirus-like outbreaks. “ he said and “We believe that this invention will make a tremendous impact in our country and in the world in the upcoming period” used the expressions.

One of the chief researchers of the National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM), Dr. Bülend Ortaç the coronavirus immediately after the fotonikçi are seen in Turkey, materials scientists and establishing working groups composed of scientists working in the field of biology when they started working to develop a new test kit; He continued his explanations as follows:

“The accuracy rate is very, very high with 99 percent.”

coronavirus test

“We had positive results in the second phase studies. Here, we saw that both the tests we did in the laboratory and the tests we did with coronavirus patients in the hospital gave results with great accuracy. We have developed a quick kit for oral swabs and a device that can make rapid diagnosis with an optical device.

While the PCR test is a method with a high margin of error and gives results 2-3 days after the onset of the disease, our system gives results within seconds and in the early stage of the disease, the accuracy rate is very high with 99 percent. In the tests we conducted on patients, we got results long before the PCR tests. “

“It is planned to meet with users within 2 months”

Stating that the diagnostic system they developed is a new system and that they have made international patent applications to protect the idea, Dr. Participle, “These have already begun the necessary infrastructure for the mass production of biosensor system. Ethics Committee approval and Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK) of the necessary permits, such as check completed as soon as possible, switching to product series production stage and presumably is scheduled to be introduced to their users within 2 months. This In this way, it will contribute to the control of the pandemic and it will be possible to significantly relieve social life “ said.

One of the scientists at UNAM, Dr. Ali Aytaç Seymen informed that the system they developed works by taking saliva samples from the mouth instead of taking a deep swab from the nose, which can cause distress for patients; Stating that the samples give results within 5-10 seconds if they are positive and within 20-30 seconds if they are negative, he said:

“There was no study similar to the system”

PCR testing

“We tested that it works with 99 percent accuracy in our clinical studies. The system works based on nanotechnology. In our scientific studies and patent researches, we did not find a study similar to our system.

In this system, pathogens are detected within seconds by dynamically receiving a fluorescent signal via a pathogen detection chip developed specifically for a biosensor device. After the sample taken from a patient is mixed with a special solution, it is dropped onto the pathogen detection chip, and if there is a pathogen in the environment by the biosensor device, the fluorescence signal is taken to detect the presence of pathogens with high accuracy.

Currently, taking saliva samples from inside the mouth instead of taking swab samples from deep areas such as the oropharynx and nasopharynx makes the use of the system preferable. Unlike the commonly used PCR tests, the system is not based on sample replication, but on the detection of the presence or absence of the virus with advanced optical methods. In the system, optical and electronic modules that provide both precise virus detection and high selectivity in detection, as well as high-level biotechnology and materials science knowledge were used. “

“Within two months, first to Turkey, then we will offer this technology in the world”

Business Development and Strategy Group Head Tunç Batum “Diagnovir” He stated that the new system named as Bilkent UNAM is a joint work of Bilkent Holding and EA Teknoloji using the infrastructure of Bilkent UNAM. Stating that the system is unique in terms of speed and accuracy, Batumi continued his explanations as follows:

“We are preparing the mass production infrastructure. within 2 months, first to Turkey, then we will offer this technology in the world. The PCR tests used in our country come from abroad. Our aim was to create a cost effective solution with the domestic kit and we achieved this. Very, very cheap compared to PCR. In this ucuzlukl to Turkey and testing facilities will have a lot of people in the world. “

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