Research Facilities Established Around the World

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4 different research stations, which are expected to be operational in 2021, will shed light on issues such as global warming, climate change and even living on other planets.

Scientists and researchers from all over the world can discuss very serious issues such as global warming, climate change and rising seas in our world, at the source of the event explores. For these investigations, from the huge glaciers of Antarctica to the bottom of the oceans, research centers and laboratories started to be established.

Findings to be obtained from these facilities will provide more detailed information about natural life, even on how to start new lives on different planets. it will shed a light. Together with you, we wanted to take a closer look at 4 research stations that were established under different conditions and deal with different topics.

The world’s most advanced underwater research station; Proteus

Proteus to be established in 2021, the world’s most advanced underwater scientific research station it will be. This station will be powered by the ocean, wind and sun. Proteus, which will cover an area of ​​371 square meters, will be the result of the collaboration of Swiss designer Yves Behar and ocean conservation center Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center. At the station, visitors can also visit underwater greenhouse powered by thermal energy will be found.


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Agriculture below zero degrees; Henry Arctowski Antarctic Research Station

Henry Arctowski Antarctic Research Station

This station, which has been operating in Antarctica for 40 years, will be completely renovated by the architectural firm Kurylowicz & Associates in 2021. The station will be built three meters above the ground and below to a greenhouse to keep wind, water and snow moving Will have. 29 researchers who will work at the station, in this greenhouse below zero degrees agriculture-oriented studies and grow food.

A station that gives back to nature what it takes from nature: Cape Horn Sub Antarctic Research Center

Cape Horn Sub Antarctic Research Center

This building, which will be designed by 3 different architects, is expected to be completed in 2021. Station, review of the local ecosystem and improvements will be used for making. Thanks to the green roof to be placed on this station, which will be covered with weathered steel, accumulating rain water will be directed to a water tank.


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A new hotel for those interested in living on different planets: Experimental Bioregenerative Station

Experimental Bioregenerative Station

Located in California’s Mojave Desert, this station as part of experiments to live on other planets It will serve as a hotel-style facility. This station with glass-covered domes in the middle of the desert, for 100 customers staying at the facility energy, food and water will produce.

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