Scientists Discover a Colossal Dinosaur Species

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Scientists conducting studies in Argentina have found a new dinosaur fossil. It was stated that this discovered dinosaur may have been larger than Patagotitan, considered to be the largest land animal ever.

Researchers found 24 vertebrae and some pelvic bones belonging to a titanozor in northern Patagonia. The skeleton in question was discovered in 2017. It may be larger than patagotitan is being considered.

Not only the size but also the discovery of this gigantic dinosaur with a fossilized skeleton found in Argentina and buried under the ground for 98 million years could be enormous. According to the news in Archyde, this dinosaur, the largest land animal scientists have found may be.

Maybe the biggest land creature that ever lived


We mentioned that scientists found 24 vertebrae and some pelvic bones in their study. This kind of long neck sauropoda dinosaurs It is stated that they live all over the world but some of the last titanosaurs lived in South America.

In Argentina, also a South American country, the discovery of a titanosaur species named Patagotitan was made and this discovery was announced in 2017. When the discovery was made, Patagotitan was thought to be the largest land animal to have ever lived. Researchers say that the newly discovered fossil, one of the largest sauropoda dinosaurs found He points out that it may be and its size may also exceed Patagotitan.

sauropod dinosaurs

Currently the type of bones found is unknown, but there is a clear difference between the newly found bones and those previously excavated in this area. Of this fossilized skeleton discovered may belong to a yet unknown species of titanosaur expressed.


Discovered a new species of feathered dinosaur that lived 110 million years ago

Aline Ghilardi from the University of Rio Grande do Norte said that one should be cautious about claiming that this fossil was larger than the Patagotitan. one of the biggest animals ever discovered He stated that it is an indisputable fact.

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