Scientists Make An Important Discovery About Viruses

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A group of scientists from the University of Leeds and York University made a very important discovery that could prevent viruses from becoming contagious. With this discovery, it is thought that antivirals that can prevent viruses from spreading between cells and prevent disease from occurring in the coming years.

One of the most common words we use in our lives in 2020 is undoubtedly virus. The coronavirus, which caused a major epidemic, caused the scientific world to turn to viruses.

Although it has made a year of our lives annoying and still has its effect, with the development of vaccines, science has prevailed once again. Ongoing research enables us to look at the future with hope, at least in this regard. Such news came from a group of scientists from Leeds and York Universities.

The mechanism of viruses replicating among living cells has been imaged:

Viruses can only infect living cells and reproduce among those living cells by replicating themselves. During this copying process, a single virus particle that carries the entire structure of a virus. virions Activated. All cells, infected by the spread of virions. In other words, virions are what make viruses spread between cells and become contagious and cause the disease.

New research at Leeds and York Universities, the mechanism by which virions form virions laid out. Using advanced electron microscopes at the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory at the University of Leeds, this process was developed by scientists. visualized for the first time. This is how virions are created by breaking the mechanism It will prevent the virus from infecting cells.

If the virus formation mechanism can be prevented, viral diseases can be prevented:


Why their new discoveries are so important, says Peter Stockley, professor at the University of Leeds Center for Structural Molecular Biology, one of the directors of the research team.This work is extremely important as it changes our thinking about how we can control some viral diseases. If we can disrupt the virus formation mechanism, we also have the potential to stop the infection..‘explains in the words.

According to the data obtained in the research, the molecular features that control the virion formation process are preserved genetically; that is, they do not mutate easily. This means that the virus does not change and inactivating any new medication shows that the risk is reduced.


Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Ateş Kara Made Statement About Coronavirus Vaccine In Children

York University leader of the research team, Prof. Reidun Twarock, thanks to his discoveries, prevented this fundamental formation of the pharmaceutical industry. antivirals to prevent diseases from occurring states that it can produce.

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