Scientists Observe Dwarf Giraffe for the First Time

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Scientists have observed dwarf giraffes with shorter and thicker legs than average leg sizes. The reason for this situation in giraffes is not yet known.

A group of scientists conducting research in Uganda found an unusual size in Murchison Falls National Park in 2015. Nubian giraffe they met with. Found in present-day Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, and Sudan, the Nubian giraffe was a species that was prevalent throughout Northeast Africa in the past. However, it is now extinct in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt and Eritrea.

The size of this Nubian giraffe named Gimli is only 2 meters 74 cm and this is the size of giraffes that normally average 4 meters 90 cm almost half. While the neck length of Gimli is normal, his legs are quite short and much thicker than a normal giraffe leg.

Approximately 3 years after this interesting observation, scientists this time on a private farm in Namibia. 2 meters 54 cm They observed a tall Angolan giraffe. If the team is with this giraffe Nigel gave the name. After research and measurements, they concluded that these different heights and leg structures were caused by dwarfism.

Nigel was thought to be a baby giraffe for years:

Conducting the research Giraffe Protection Foundation Co-author Emma Wells, one of the researchers, ‘Although the Namibian farmer had seen Nigel regularly over the years, but after our observations he realized that Nigel was not a child but a fully grown male giraffe.. ‘ saying Nigel’s that you are mistaken for a young giraffe stated.

Dwarfism is a genetic condition that can affect the growth of bone and cartilage, leading to disproportionately sized arms, legs, head or trunk, and in nature other than humans in dogs, cows and pigs also known to be seen. In giraffes first time samples were encountered.

The exact cause of dwarfism is unknown:

dwarf giraffe


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As to why giraffes are dwarfed yet Although there is no exact information It is thought that random mutations in the genetic code, low genetic diversity, or inbreeding may have caused this condition.

Scientists, dwarf their behavior and social status He plans to watch Gimli and Nigel throughout their lives so that we can observe whether it affects them.

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