The Brown Tree Snake’s Strange Climbing Method

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Until this time, four different movement abilities of snakes, one of the cold-blooded creatures of nature, were recorded. However, a fifth movement was observed in the US-dependent island of Guam.

The animal kingdom is home to things that will amaze people. One of them is in the brown tree snake displayed. The strategy of this snake to climb a previously unknown tree was recorded by the cameras.

In a new article published in the journal Current Biology, snakes’ sidewinding, linear, lateral undulation and “concertina”In addition to either (the movement of snakes holding or tying with some parts of their body, pushing or pulling other parts of their body in the direction of movement) a fifth mobility it was described more.

Fifth mobility observed in snakes

This new form of climbing discovered in snakes, lasso movement (lasso locomotion). The authors of the study say that the lasso movement helped this invading snake species access resources that would otherwise be inaccessible. Although the lasso technique has evolved to help snakes climb trees, snakes use this method. electric poles It also uses it to climb structures such as.

These snakes, which were introduced to the island of Guam in the 1940s and 50s, caused the extinction of many bird species on the island. Only Micronesian Cattle and a bird that nests in caves remained. These snakes not only cause trouble for the birds on the island, but also damage the infrastructure. Due to this snake species, power cuts is happening. Therefore, it is very important for scientists to discover which structures these snakes cannot climb.

The researchers tested whether they could protect them from snakes by installing roller deflectors under bird nests on electric poles. This method has also been used previously to keep other snakes and raccoons away from bird nests. Ecologist Thomas Seibert found that the deflector initially worked, but later using the lasso technique He says they saw the brown tree snake and they were shocked.

Researchers noticed five different snakes used this technique. Working on snakes’ movement abilities Bruce Jayne says the lasso created by the snakes compresses the roller to create friction and prevent slipping. Bruce Jayne explains the movement of the brown tree snake as follows:

“The small bends in the lasso spiral have two functions. First, they provide a mechanism for tightening the spiral using the largest muscle group in the snake’s body. Second, they move the snake little by little upwards.”


Scientists Discover A New Type of Snake whose Scales Shine Like Pearls

Of course, this lasso technique requires snakes to make intense physical effort. The snakes perform these upward movements very slowly and take frequent breaks. Although it is not known whether this technique is used by other species, its use stated to be likely.

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