The Effects of Musical Education on the Brain Revealed

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According to a new study, the connections in the brains of those who start music education at an early age are much stronger than those who do not have a musical education. In addition, there are differences in the brains of those who start musical education at an early age and those who start at a late age.

Playing a musical instrument is a socially beneficial habit. But the payoffs don’t just seem to be social. According to a new study, the brains of those who started learning instruments at a young age are according to “more connected.”

According to a new study by Stanford University experts and published in JNeurosci, those who started playing an instrument at a young age, such as Mozart, were compared to those who started later. to stronger brain connections they have

The effect of learning musical instruments at a young age on the brain

Regardless of the musical instrument being played, musicians have stronger structural and functional connections in their brains, according to the study’s authors. Moreover, the elapsed time makes these connections even stronger. According to the researchers, the existence of a very sharp musical ear is also a does not change.

Simon Leipold, one of the study’s writers, says that musical training over the years has greatly shaped the brain. Leipold says the effect of longer training is greater. Leipold, “Musicians who start their education at a younger age, compared to musicians who start later have stronger structural connections says.

Dr. Leipold and other experts working on the study also compared those with a sharp musical ear with those who did not. As a result of the comparison made between them there are no big differences detected. Dr. Leipold said that having a sharp musical ear might affect the brain in a way that is not immediately noticeable.


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Comparing the brains of non-musicians with those with and without sharp musical ears, the difference is stronger was discovered. In research “Our study showed that long-term musical training is associated with strong changes in large-scale brain networks.” expressions were used.

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