The New State of Matter May Be Liquid Glass

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A study conducted at the University of Konstanz in Germany showed that a certain type of glass is not a solid substance, but is liquid due to the structure of the atoms it contains.

A group of scientists working at the University of Konstanz in Germany conducted an experiment in which they discovered the new matter of glass. Under normal conditions, while the atoms in the glass are expected to freeze irregularly and become solid, such an event does not occur in a glass type, where atoms move was observed.

This type of glass, which is accepted as a solid substance as a result of the experiments and researches, is in liquid will begin to be remembered.

The atoms in it freeze irregularly and turn the glass into solid.

There were various misconceptions that glass was already liquid, but glass was actually among solids was defined. When a solid substance becomes liquid, the free atoms in its content are arranged to form a solid crystal, but the same was not the case with glass. When glass becomes liquid, the free atoms do not form an array and irregularly it starts to freeze.

As a result of a study conducted at the University of Konstanz in Germany, it was found that atoms in a type of glass do not freeze in an irregular manner, but instead moving the substance to a liquid state It was observed that it provided.

Atoms move in a specific direction this time, causing matter to turn into a liquid.

liquid glass atoms

Large solid particles were used for the research, making it easier for scientists to observe. Thanks to these large particles, researchers can more easily observe the physical behavior of atoms and molecules. Although spherical particles are used for these kinds of observations, researchers at the university have to determine the direction of the atom. spherical solid particle used.


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The researchers found that the atoms in glass that started to become liquid. that you move without changing directionobserved that they began to move slowly as they were compressed at higher particle densities, but still made matter from solid to liquid, albeit with small movements.

Matthias Fuchs, the scientist involved in the research, inventive He used the following expressions for his experiments that can be counted; “The way atoms are like this is really interesting from a theoretical point of view. The scientific community has long been trying to understand the interaction between glassy locks and critical fluctuations on atoms. This experiment we are doing answers all these questions. ”

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