There is a Link Between Full Moon and Sleep and the Menstrual Cycle

by copytalkie

According to two new studies published as of yesterday, there is a link between the phases of the Moon and sleep and menstrual cycles. Although these bonds have been reduced by the effect of artificial light sources that cover the world thanks to electricity, past records confirm this link.

In the times when electricity and information were not dominant, the movements of the moon, stars and planets were among the most important guides in the world. As such, the phases of the Moon (full moon, crescent, etc.) were given more meaning than they were, and especially Full moonVarious features were attributed to.

In a new study published yesterday in the journal Science Advances, scientists from Washington University, Argentina’s National University of Quilmes and Yale University, sleep cycles They scrutinized how it relates to the phases of the Moon. The results show that the old Moon legends may not be all superstitions.

More moonlight exposure tends to sleep later and less sleep

The scientists formed the participants into two separate sample groups to see if more moonlight affects the sleep cycle. 98 people from the three Toba-Qom communities in Argentina have less electricity, naturally exposed to less artificial light when creating the group; 464 university students in Seattle made up the group exposed to intense artificial light.

According to the result obtained by compiling the data obtained from the wristbands with sleep tracking feature, there is indeed a connection between sleep cycles and Moon phases. According to the data, as the Full Moon approaches a tendency to sleep late and less sleep is increasing. This effect is more pronounced in Argentine natives who are less exposed to artificial light, while less noticeable in college students in Seattle.


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According to researcher Leandro Casiraghi of the University of Washington In the more moonlight nights The reason we tend to sleep later and less is due to the adaptation of our ancestors, whose sole source of light at night is the Moon, to make more use of light on Full Moon nights.

Moon phases also affect women’s menstrual cycles


Another study published in Science Advances reveals that the Moon phases may be linked not only to our sleep cycle, but also to the menstrual cycle of women. Scientists who compared the menstrual cycle records of 22 different women up to 32 years ago with the records of the phases of the Moon, stunning results they got it.

According to the data obtained, since the menstrual cycle takes place in almost the same time as the phases of the Moon, the duration of exposure to Moonlight synchronous is happening. As such, as the amount of exposure to artificial light increases, the effect of the moon phases on the menstrual cycle decreases. In addition, according to the same research, as women get older, synchronization of the menstrual cycle with the lunar phases disappears.

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