Turkish Professor Discovered Bacteria Yet Unidentified in the World

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Continuing his studies at Erciyes University, Prof. Dr. Latife Çakır Bayram discovered 5 previously unidentified bacterial species. The scientist, who examined 100 penguins within the scope of the 3rd National Antarctic Science Expedition last year, continues his studies at full speed.

Continuing its studies within the scope of the 3rd National Antarctic Science Expedition Erciyes University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Pathology Professor. Dr. Latife Çakır Bayram discovered bacterial species that were not previously identified in the world. Bayram, who conducts microbiological research on penguins’ eye lesions, undefined and said it was unclassified.

The 3rd National Antarctic Science Expedition was held between January 4 and February 14 last year. One of the scientists who went to Antarctica Latife Cakir BayramHere, he had the opportunity to examine 100 penguins in detail and discovered the presence of a tissue in the right eye of Gentoo penguins. Still going on pathology studiesled to the discovery of these new types of bacteria.

“The hardest part of the research was collecting samples from penguins”

Making statements on the subject, Prof. Dr. Latife Çakır Bayram explained how the research process took place. The scientist, who said that taking 5 samples out of 100 penguins is a very difficult process, To a chilean group He states that he was involved and collected samples for him from the penguins they caught for examination. To sample a penguin at least 3 people Emphasizing that they should be found, Latife Çakır Bayram said that they have 5-6 minutes per penguin, that the work is quite tiring, and even though the waddling walks of penguins are very sweet, these creatures are just as much that you are strongsays collecting samples from the eye is even more difficult.


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Scientist, collected samples for research enough says it is. Expressing that he questioned the findings he obtained so far in the database named Gen Bank, Bayram said Below 98.75 He explained that the similarity ratio was caught, which means the bacteria in question had the potential of a new species. Explaining that the studies are continuing, the scientist can make his name known to the world after a short time.

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