Ultra Fast Camera Capturing 1 Billion Frames Per Second

by copytalkie

Lihong Wang, a professor at the University of Bern, has developed an ultra-fast camera that can shoot one billion frames per second. The professor will use this camera to study randomly occurring events such as laser beams.

Which corners the billiard ball will hit on the table, the size of the tides hitting the shores, how shining and shrinking the moon generally predictable It is among the events.

The place where the water drips, hurricanes suddenly change direction and the tree branches growing according to their own heads are random behavior for exhibiting chaotic system called. Although these chaotic systems may seem insignificant, they actually play a big role in our world. Professor Lihong Wang, from the University of Bern California Institute of Technology, can help this search designed a new device.

Ultra fast camera can record video at a rate of one billion frames per second

Wang, to be able to observe the movements of the laser light in a closed room capable of recording video at one billion frames per second developed an ultra fast camera. Camera, compressed ultra-fast photography (CUP) technology and thus considered the fastest thing in the universe can follow the light.

But this camera is not only based on CUP technology, but unlike other cameras the ability to shoot all frames at the same time owner. In this way, it captures every random behavior, allowing experts to examine this distortion.


HackerConf 2021 Event To Be Held On January 20

Wang with this camera in the fields of physics, cryptography and communication Stating that a new breath will be brought to the optical studies, he made the following statements; “This topic was previously a focus of interest for scientists, but over time the interest has disappeared as we did not have enough equipment. Thanks to this equipment, we are finally able to offer scientists an experimental tool. “

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