Who Was ‘Stephen Hawking’ and What Did He Achieve?

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Who is Stephen Hawking, who is known all over the world with his studies and ambitious theories on physics, what he has done during his difficult life, briefly, what has Hawking contributed to the world of science and explained the remarkable aspects of his work.

The first name that comes to mind when talking about theoretical physics is of course Albert Einstein. The second name is undoubtedly Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking has made a name in the world, especially in the scientific world, with his studies in the field of physics, his assertive scientific theories and the books he published in the field of popular science. Who is Stephen Hawking The answer to the question has an inspiring story.

Well, Who is Stephen Hawking? Who is Stephen Hawking It is not enough to just say that he is a theoretical physicist as an answer to the question. Hawking, who continues his scientific studies unabashed despite his hard life and the illness he struggled with, is a scientist who has inspired thousands of people all over the world. Who is Stephen Hawking, What has he done? What are his contributions to science?

Who is Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking was born in 1942 in Oxford, England. After his basic education, he went to Oxford University and from there to cosmology. cosmology studies Hawking went to Cambridge University to do the work, where he carried out black hole studies that will make his name known to the world.

Despite the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which was diagnosed at a young age, Hawking continued his scientific studies without tiring. dozens of articles and books signed. Hawking, who wrote many popular science books and was awarded 12 different honors, passed away on March 14, 2018.

Stephen Hawking’s life:

Stephen hawking

Stephen Hawking is a scientist who is known for his illness that he struggled to die as well as his scientific studies. In 1963, yet 21 years old Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, and only two years of life were estimated. Hawking’s illness, 76 years old when he died, paralyzed the body’s nervous system without harming mental activity.

Hawking’s speech ability started to weaken in the 1970s, after being confined to a wheelchair in a short time. During his visit to CERN in 1985, he had to have a hole in his trachea as a result of pneumonia he completely lost his ability to speak. Since 1986, he started to communicate with people thanks to a computer that converts text to sound.

This computer, which was attached to his chair, had 2600 words in memory, so Hawking had no trouble expressing his emotions. The words were first selected by squeezing a tool in his hand. In 2005 controlling hand muscles When he lost his ability, he began to use his cheek muscles for word selection and he communicated with people in this way until he died in 2018.

Academic life and achievements:

Stephen hawking

St. Stephen Hawking, who went to Oxford University after his basic education in Albans school, wanted to study mathematics, because the school did not have a mathematics department. preferred the field of physics. After graduating from this field with the medal of honor, he transferred to Cambridge University to do cosmology, ie cosmology studies.

There was no previous study of cosmology at Cambridge University. Hawking, who completed his doctoral study under the supervision of Dennis Sciama, first became a research assistant and then shortly thereafter at Gonville and Caius College. to serve as associate professor started.

He left this field in 1973 and transferred to the Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics department. Here in 1979, previously given important names such as Isaac Barrow and Isaac Newton Lucasian professor of mathematics deserved the title.

Author, physicist, theorist, astronomer, cosmologist Stephen Hawking; Honorary Order of Merit, British Imperial Order, Academy Member of the Royal Society, etc. 12 honors It has been awarded. Hawking was also a member of the American National Academy of Sciences.

Stephen Hawking’s most important achievements:

Stephen hawking

Stephen Hawking, together with Roger Penrose, worked on the fundamental principles of the universe. In his studies, he concluded that Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity began with the big bang called the big bang and ended with black holes. According to this result, which is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century; relativity theory and quantum mechanics had to be combined.

With his work; black holes emit radiation and are invisible, the universe has an end and a limit, that is, he revealed that the beginning of the universe was formed within the framework of scientific rules. Due to the claims he made as a result of his studies, he is one of the most discussed names in the scientific world even today.

Stephen Hawking’s books that have reached millions:

Stephen hawking

The scientific studies of Stephen Hawking shook the world of science, and the books he published shook the world. His books translated into more than 40 languages, It has enabled popular science to become widespread in the world and to increase the interest in this field.

Hawking’s books such as A Brief History of Time, The Universe in a Walnut Shell, and The Theory of Everything are some of the most popular books in the world. In the books he wrote he rejects the concept of creative and has been a name that ignited many discussions in social terms.

The film about Stephen Hawking’s life story: The Theory of Everything

The life of Stephen Hawking, who made an unforgettable signature to the world of science, in 2014 The Theory of Everything moved to the big screen with. Successful actor Eddie Redmayne played Hawking in the movie directed by James Marsh. The movie attracted attention especially with the scenes that made people cry from time to time.

With his difficult life, historical works and controversial claims Who is Stephen Hawking, We answered the questions what he did. Hawking has an inspiring story by not letting go of the struggle for a moment, despite all the obstacles he puts in front of life.

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