Why Crocodiles Evolve Slowly

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Scientists conducted a new research on crocodiles that have successfully preserved their appearance since the dinosaur age. As a result of the investigations, it turned out that crocodiles do not need any changes because their bodies are extremely suitable for living.

Since the dinosaur age able to protect their body types in the best way the only creature is seen as a crocodile. Although insect species, birds, and even wolves have evolved over a long period of time according to their conditions, crocodiles are now what they were when dinosaurs lived almost they are the same.

Scientists conducted new research into why crocodiles evolve so slowly. As a result of the findings, the body types of crocodiles are extremely sufficient to survive even during the dinosaur period, therefore they don’t need changeI appeared.

Turns out that the body of crocodiles is strong enough to not need change

Scientists working at the University of Bristol “Punctuated balance” how they followed the evolution path called. As part of this research, crocodile fossils were examined and compared with the body sizes of crocodiles living today.


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Max Stockdale, the scientist involved in the research, spoke the following about his research; “Throughout our research, we used a machine learning algorithm to predict evolution rates. taking into account the rate of change in the body of crocodilescalculates how old they are and gives us an evolutionary rate. Key factors for our research were how fast crocodiles grow, how much food they need, and how large their population is. “

crocodile fossil

As a result of research, crocodiles, to survive an efficient body structure that does not need change they have. It turned out that these reptiles, which had to consume warm-blooded animals because they could not control their body temperature, showed faster development in hot climates. In fact, scientists are also thanks to the temperature He claims they survived.

Prehistoric crocodiles herbivorous, capable of swimming in the sea, and just as large as dinosaurs known to be animals. However, the only crocodile species that could survive until today is reptile and carnivorous those. The next goal of scientists at the University of Bristol will be to investigate why some crocodile species have survived to the present day and others have disappeared.

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