Why Do Dogs Bury Bones According to Science?

by copytalkie

Playing with bones and ‘burying’ them in various places from time to time is one of the most common behaviors we observe in a dog. So why do dogs bury bones, what does science say about this?

Found in all living things in nature some instinctive behavior When we observe these behaviors in different living species, we may sometimes fail to understand why. Why do your dog, whose bowl of food is always full, insist on an effort to hide the bone, bury it somewhere Your inability to understand what it shows is a good example.

But when we look at nature to understand the situation, we see that there is a very simple answer; save food leftovers for later. Professional dog trainer and behavioral expert Teoti Anderson said this “Your next meal If you don’t know when to findIt makes sense to hide leftovers.sums it up in words.

This behavior, left to dogs by their ancestors, wolves, is basically what wolves hunt parts of large animals that cannot be eaten at once It is based on the behavior of burying it under the ground to keep it for later.

Dogs also practice this behavior they inherited from time to time, and to save some bones for later, if they can’t find soil, like under the cushions. they hide it in strange places. Thus, with their olfactory abilities 10,000 – 100,000 times stronger than humans, they come and go when they need it. they know they will find that bone.

Dogs that live with us at home can do this for different reasons from time to time:

Why do dogs bury bones?

We figured out why dogs do this behavior in nature. Well in our homes, always when their bellies are full Why are they doing this behavior? One of the reasons for this, according to dog behavior expert Cesar Millan, is that it is later than a favorite food dog ‘enjoyfor ‘.

Also according to Millan to play games with their owners dogs may exhibit this kind of behavior from time to time. This bone-hiding act is sometimes a bit of a shock for stressed dogs. stress relief method may be.


Dogs and Humans’ Sleeping Habits Appear to Resemble

Experts advise against observing this behavior in dogs. does not indicate a problem also emphasizes. So you don’t have to worry about thinking ‘my dog ​​is instinctively inherent in hiding bones, but I’ve never seen it do anything like that’.

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