Woolly Rhino Remnants Found in Yakutia

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A perfectly preserved remains of a woolly rhinoceros, estimated to have lived 20-50,000 years ago, have been found in Yakutia, Russia. It was stated that the animal was 3-4 years old at the time of death and lived away from its mother.

Recently in Russia Dating from the ice age The remains of an extinct creature were found. A person living on the banks of the Tirekhtyakh River in Russia’s Yakutia came across a thousand-year-old ruin by chance. The researchers examined the remains found.

The residue found as a result of the inspection furry rhino It was determined that it belongs. The rhino’s hooves, teeth, and viscera were still intact. However, some of the animal’s thick fur was still on it. Although the horn of the animal is not in its body, the researchers, with its broken horn managed to find it in the immediate vicinity.

Lived between 20 and 50 thousand years ago:

The researchers, who studied the ruin in depth, announced that the rhino Lived 20 to 50 thousand years ago explained. The rhino was one of the most intact ancient rhinos to date. The rhinoceros Is 3-4 years old and it turned out that he was living away from his mother when he died. It is estimated that the animal suffocated.

Siberian researchers will take the residue to the laboratory to determine exactly how many years ago the animal died. Here to radiocarbon process The gender of the animal remains to be kept will also be learned. But in order to carry the rhino, the road between the place where the rhino is located and the city of Yakutsk must be opened.

woolly rhino


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Woolly rhinos, an example of which was found recently, about 14,000 years ago before they became extinct. Europe and North In Asian regions they were living. The animals that survived until the end of the Ice Age had two horns, one large and one small.

The area where the rhino was located was also a place where many prehistoric remains were unearthed in the past. Researchers in this region in 2014 34 thousand years ago a baby woolly rhino that lived and 40 thousand years ago they had encountered the head of a living wolf preserved with its brain, teeth, and facial tissue.

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